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God is opening doors … in bringing people and ideas together …


Panhnha is a Cambodian national, who is 33 years old.  He is married.  His wife’s name is Davy.  They have a sweet threeyear old daughter, Jessica.  He has been serving with Center of Hope Ministry, a local NGO that supplies over 700 school children in five different locations the necessary school supplies to attend daily classes.  For some time, Panhnha has been thinking about how to make the rural population a better livelihood possible to reduce the city escapes and strengthen the local small churches.  This is how Cow for Cambodia was born.  Panhnha is always in personal contact with the people and has many opportunities to actively witness his faith.


Martin is a German aid worker sent by CFI a Christian missionary organization currently living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with his French wife, Valerie and their inquisitive young daughter, Naemi.  He currently supervises the Screen Printing Room at Daughters of Cambodia, a local NGO serving women and transgenders leaving the sex industry here in Cambodia.  Panhnha is Martin’s Khmer (Cambodian language) teacher.


Phillip a khmai born national, the technical intelligence in our ministry. He is firm in all the handyman stuff necessary. Currently e.g. we are working on a new mechanical setup for a scale to weigh our cows !  Phillip is full time working a Daughters of Cambodia as the technical manager in the production facility. He currently is also starting up a second location for “Cow´s for the kingdom” near his hometown.


Jenna is an American expat currently serving as the Marketing Manager at Daughters of Cambodia.  She lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with her pup, Bullet.  Martin is her boss.  Not only does she have fun building websites during her free time, she enjoys using those talents to encourage and spread good news and opportunities around the world.



Germany based, dutch cow ambassador. Bridgehead to germany and Martin´s favorite dutchmen.