September 2021

2021 has been difficult in Cambodia. However, we were still able to bless three families with cows.


July 2020

This is the girl we support.
There are a lot of girls in need of support. Please join us in prayer to gain more financial support to help more girls.

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Latest news:

November 26th – 2018  ——————————————————


The scale is up and running!
After 2 month of hard work, we finally have the new cow scale working. Bringing the pieces through cambodian customs, welding, painting, mounting and hurdling through wrong manuals and descriptions. We are proud now to present the new scale.
All mounting, setting up and mechanical work done by the team, we now have the chance to sell cow´s exactly at the right weight and not have to feed them longer than necessary. This hopefully translates in more income for the families and shorter distribution channels!
Thanks to everybody who donated to make this possible, thanks to our creator in heaven and thanks to the team: good Job !

October 25th – 2018  —————————————————–

Srey Paw and her mother getting their “Cow for the kingdom”.

We started to support a new family with a cow. The mother´s name is Phan.  She is 48 years old.  She has no work, so she wanted her daughter, Srey Paw, to work in the factory.

That would mean she has to stop school 1 year before she is finished and get´s her school certificate. And leave her vulnerable to the work environment the factory is implying.
Srey Paw is 16 years old.  She is studying in class 11.  She has one sister that is already working in factory.  Her father died two years ago.  We decided to give one cow to help her to continue studying.

October 6th – 2018 —————————————————–

This year´s giving the school untensils to the local school kids:

September 25th – 2018 —————————————————–

Sivon and her family
Sivon and her family

Hi, my name is Sivon, I am 16 year´s old.  My family needed me to stop going to school, because we don’t have a lot of money and they wanted me to start working!

Our house fell down some months ago during the flooding in rainy season and now my family had to take out a loan to rebuild our house.

My father works with “Cows for the Kingdom” project. He is disabled with his leg my mother is sick too and at home.

Cow´s for the kingdom has given one cow to our family to help us. I want to learn better english and maybe want to be a teacher in the future. Our new house is just finished.

March 5th – 2018 ——————————————————

One of the schoolgirls spoke to Panhnha. She told him that she may not be able to go to school soon, as her family could no longer provide funding for her education.

Srey Noch and "Johnny the 1st" the very first cow of "Cow´s for the kingdom"
Srey Noch and “Johnny the 1st” the very first cow of “Cow´s for the kingdom”

The father of the family had long since left for the Thai border to look for a job, since then he lacked any information.  
The family now had an existential problem. The family are: mother, schoolchild, grandma, disabled brother.  The mother grows vegetables in the small home garden. People living in the countryside do not really need much to live on.  About $30-$40 a month, which is necessary to make the daughter’s next school course possible.  Pangnha spoke to us after the conversation with the girl and told us what the family situation is like. God has spoken to us through history and we have decided to buy a cow.